Da' Boil 6.13 - Plan : Zombie Cousins - Pick Up Only

Da' Boil 6.13 - Plan : Zombie Cousins - Pick Up Only

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Kinfolk + Cousins Presents Zombie + Cousins #ZombieCousins is a popup series that will feature delicious foodfor you at Zombie House Each week we will feature a new pack. So Just Pick Your Time Slot and Pack. Once you have Secured your plate ,you will be sent a email from Us (Kinfolkandcousins@gmail.com) and we will get your delivery details. Unfortunately at this time we can not make any substitutions. Meals Contain Shellfish, Seafood, Milk, Nuts, and Pork for my folks with Allergies .
This Weeks 6/13: Da' Boil - Plan: Zombie Couins

Seafood Boil:

2 Clusters Snow Crab
.5 Lb Shrimp 
1.5 Lb Mussels 
1Lb Smoked Beef Sausage 
4 Potato 
2 Corn

Sauce (Choice of 1): On Everything "I'M On A Boat , Cajun 

Cajun - Spicy Traditional Cajun flavor 

I'm on a boat - House Special Blend Made from On Errythang Seasoning


*-No Substitutions

- Indicate Sauce Choice in Order Notes