Brooklyn Curry-Que
Brooklyn Curry-Que

Brooklyn Curry-Que

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Revolutionize your BBQ game. Our Kinfolk + Cousins Brooklyn Curry-Que Sauce is a carefully developed blend of West Indian Curry and Southern BBQ. Our specially designed recipe gives you a delicious sweet-savory flavor with a slow kick at the finish. Transform family grill days with an excitingly contemporary barbecue sauce that is sure to delight tastebuds. A new and fresh barbecue flavor for the hip and modern family.


Reasons to use Brooklyn Curry-Que Sauce:

  • An exciting unique blend of West Indian Curry and Southern BBQ
  • Add a surprising kick of flavor at the finish
  • Marinade pork, chicken, and beef
  • Best for application during grilling too
  • Suitable for gas, wood, or charcoal grills


The best meals of your life are always with your Kinfolk and your Cousins. Try our Kinfolk + Cousin Brooklyn Curry-Que Sauce at your next family grill BBQ day. Add a little spice to your life.