"On Errythang" Seasoning
"On Errythang" Seasoning

"On Errythang" Seasoning

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Our Kinfolk + Cousins On Errythang Seasoning has been carefully created with time tested herb and spice combinations. Add to any mealtime, during cooking or afterward. Marinade meats and seafood, or sprinkle on soups and salads. Versatility in a tub, contemporary flavors to enhance your chef skills - simply. Impress your family with just a little more spice. An everyday seasoning for every special family gathering mealtime.


Reasons to enjoy On Errythang Seasoning:

  • Time tested flavor combination to tease and delight tastebuds
  • Enhances the natural flavors of your dish
  • Can be used in cooking preparations
  • Can be used as a final flourish of flavor at the end of cooking
  • Suitable for all types of meats, dairy, and vegetable dishes.


Try our Kinfolk + Cousins On Errythang Seasoning on any dish; breakfast, lunch, or dinner and everything in between. A must have on your kitchen counter and dining table. The best meals of your life are always with your Kinfolk and your Cousins.